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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What makes a lifestyle change program so important, and why would I need one?
Today we are faced with some of the greatest health challenges in the history of the human race. Our air and water are polluted, our foods are processed and packaged, and exercise is often difficult to squeeze into a hectic daily schedule. As a result, we are witnessing exponential increases in the incidence of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, cancer, and obesity. What most do not realize is that freedom from disease is simply a matter of making lifestyle changes and following God’s plan for better health. At the Walk of Faith retreat, we offer a comprehensive program to restore good health.
Who sponsors Walk of Faith and what kind of services are offered?
As a program of Rational Christian Ministries, a non-profit organization devoted to community awareness and education, Walk of Faith offers a second chance for a healthy life in a world that is slowly being overcome by chronic diseases, many of which did not exist prior to the turn of the 20th century. Through a 10-day live-in education program in a remote area of Hawaii, participants are provided with the tools they need to successfully combat existing illness and to avoid the factors that created disease in the first place. The program is Biblically-based, incorporating scriptural principles and the work of the early pioneers in health education - supported by conventional diagnostic testing . While the Walk of Faith retreat is not a clinic or medical facility, it does provide valuable information that most doctors will not tell you -- that you can achieve optimum health simply by following the health guidelines found in the Bible.
What makes the Walk of Faith program different from others around the country?

There are many health retreats and education programs throughout the nation offering a variety of services to help restore good health and to prevent disease. The Walk of Faith live-in program differs from the crowd in three key areas:

1) Expectations are realistically established at the beginning of the program. While miracles certainly do happen, lifestyle changes are not easy and require follow-through and perseverance.

2) Extensive training is provided so that, when leaving the program, participants are able to reasonably maintain a healthy regimen without needing other assistance or investing in additional costly programs.
3) Follow-up is an integral part of the program, connecting participants with resources to help them maintain their new lifestyle long after they leave the program.
You do not have to suffer with chronic illness or less than optimal health. The Walk of Faith program is designed to help you get your life back on track and to keep it there. The level of detail offered in the program is more than ample to help you fully understand what you need to do to regain your health and avoid disease, without invasive high risk medical procedures or expensive prescription drugs. It is simple, practical, and completely achievable - on your own. Click here to download a retreat brochure.
Where is Walk of Faith located and what is special about it?
Many health education programs offer secluded locations for their participants, but few as beautiful as the Kohala Coast site that the Walk of Faith program enjoys. Some say that it is one of the most beautiful spots on earth. Even more important, however, is the climate. The temperature at our retreat center varies between a maximum of 82 degrees F. during the day and a low of 67 degrees F. at night, all year round. The average rainfall is from 2 - 6 inches per month and the humidity is far lower than other areas of Hawaii, making the climate ideal for growing fresh produce - much of which is used in our program. The light prevailing winds keep the air clean and fresh, making exercise invigorating and enjoyable.
The Walk of Faith retreat is situated above the towns of Hawi and Kapaau, on the Big Island of Hawaii, at an elevation of approximately 1400 feet. The retreat covers about 8.5 acres, with a macadamia nut grove, abundant citrus trees, avocados, mangos, and a variety of other tropical fruits. There is plenty of room to take long walks on the grounds' rolling green hills while enjoying a panoramic view of the ocean and the island of Maui across the Alenuiha'ha Channel. The small winding road that borders the retreat is a wonderful place to take even longer walks alongside the grassy pastures dotted with cattle, sheep, horses, goats, and llamas. There is very little vehicular traffic, making the experience of walking along the road a peaceful and enjoyable one. The retreat also has an open air exercise room complete with treadmills, weight gym, elliptical, exercise bike, and other equipment. The retreat center itself is a small home-style facility designed for groups of no more than eight. In this way, every retreat participant can take advantage of the maximum benefits that the Walk of Faith program offers.
How does the Walk of Faith 10-day program work?
Prior to coming to the10-day live-in program, participants complete a medical history questionnaire and are asked to undergo routine laboratory (blood) work and a hair analysis. This provides baseline information to be used for monitoring progress and tailoring the program to suit individual needs. When participants arrive at the retreat, this information is reviewed and a workable plan established. Participants are taught how to interpret their own test data so that they can continue to track their progress after they leave the program. During the course of the program vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, oxcimetry), weight, percent body fat, and other factors are monitored daily.
The program begins aggressively with 4 days of juice fasting and intestinal cleansing, followed by a two-meal a day regimen of nutritious, organic, vegan food. Although the daily schedule varies as the program moves forward, activities include worship, brisk walks, health lectures, video presentations, food preparation demonstrations, lifestyle skills workshops, exercise time (gym), and evening group discussions to share challenges, breakthroughs, and progress. Health lectures cover diverse topics; from diet and disease to household chemicals and biological hazards. Food preparation demonstrations include basic raw vegan dishes as well as cooked vegan meals. Lifestyle skills workshops include such topics as how to use a juicer, the difference between juicers, and how to purchase a reasonably priced juicer. Hands on training is a key component of the workshops. Other topics covered include where to buy fresh produce, how to do sprouting, and basic home remedies and alternative healthcare procedures. Also included in the program are visits to the beach, water aerobics, and hikes. The retreat center is located just 25 minutes from one of the most beautiful beaches in Hawaii, as well as several hiking trails noted for their scenic beauty. Other program components, some of which are optional, include hydrotherapy treatments (including colon hydrotherapy), sheet wraps and fever treatments, steam bath, inversion table, and massage. Click here to download a typical daily schedule.
How much does the program cost and what is included?
The standard rate for the Walk of Faith 10-day live-in program is $2,595. This includes a double room (we make every effort to carefully match roommates) and all of the items and services listed below. There is a special rate of $2,195 for Hawaii residents and those who come through our referral network. The rate for couples is $4,295 and includes a private room. The rate for a single private room is $3,495.
Items Included in the Program Cost:
Optional Items (Billed Separately):
Juices, Herbs, and Cleansing Drinks
Two (2) Daily Vegan Meals
One Optional Evening Fruit Plate
Health Presentations and Lectures
Video Presentations
Lifestyle Presentations and Workshops
Food Preparation Demonstrations
Beach Visits, Hikes, and Water Aerobics
Gym/Fitness Center Activities
Group Discussion Sessions
Hydrotherapy Treatments (As Needed)
Inversion Table (As Needed)
Notebooks and Handouts
Enema Bag
Transportation to and from Airport

Vitamins, Minerals, and Herbal Supplements
Colon Hydrotherapy
Steam Bath
Sheet Wrap
Fever Treatment
Skin Brush
Nutritional Analysis and Counseling
Additional Transportation

*Participants Responsible for Laboratory and Hair Analysis Costs
(Prescriptions provided by retreat physician)

How do I make a reservation for the 10-day live-in program?
All prospective program participants must complete the retreat's application form. The form includes lifestyle questions as well as medical history information. After review of the submitted form, you will be contacted by e-mail and/or telephone in order to confirm your reservation - as long as nothing in the medical history portion of your application form precludes you from attending. At that time, you will need to pay a $500 non-refundable deposit to hold a space open for you. Following receipt of your deposit, the retreat physician will issue a prescription for you to have routine blood work done at your local laboratory. You will also receive kit by mail for use in sending a sample of your hair to a laboratory for analysis. While these tests are not mandatory for all program participants, they are highly recommended so that we can better plan your experience at the retreat. Those who elect not to do the testing, will miss out on important information that could be useful in identifying underlying health issues and in formulating an optimal dietary program. Once you have completed the reservation process, you will be provided with initial program guidelines and a telephone number to call should you have specific questions or problems. Click here to submit an application.
Can anyone attend the Walk of Faith 10-day program?
The Walk of Faith 10-day health education program was designed to reach a broad group of people - from those with chronic illness seeking an alternative to conventional medicine, to those simply looking to improve the quality of their life by losing weight or regaining their energies. However, those with advanced cancer or other health conditions that require aggressive treatment will be referred to programs that are designed specifically to meet these needs.
Do you offer scholarships or special discounts?
Walk of Faith is a project of Rational Christian Ministries, a 501c(3) non-profit organization approved by the IRS. Donations and contributions help fund the cost of community outreach and, in certain instances, cover the cost of program participants who do not have the means available to attend such programs. Full or partial scholarships are sometimes available, but only on a limited basis. It is the primary mission of Rational Christian Ministries to reach out to the Hawaiian people with health education to help eradicate diabetes and other chronic diseases that are ravaging Hawaii. We would like to make the retreat program available to all of those in Hawaii who are struggling with such chronic illnesses, but we do need help. If you are interested in making a donation to further this effort, please visit our ministry's contributions page or contact us to obtain further information.

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