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about us
Founder and Director
Arnie Suntag is a former executive who left the corporate world to preach the gospel. Faced with life-threatening illness, he relied upon his faith in God and major lifestyle changes to recover. In 2004, he founded Rational Christian Ministries, a ministry dedicated to health education and Biblical truth. With a background that includes creating wellness programs for the Arizona Heart Institute, he began the Walk of Faith program to help those seeking to improve the quality of their lives. learn more
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Professional Support
Our friendly and committed staff typically includes RNs, nutritionists, and food preparation experts. An MD acts in an advisory capacity, monitoring laboratory results and offering suggestions to aid in tailoring the program to better meet the needs of each participant.

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Co-Founder and Assistant Director
With a Masters in Educational Leadership and an extensive background in alternative health education programs, Susan Suntag designs and implements training sessions, workshops, and demonstrations for the Walk of Faith Health Recovery Project. Her primary focus is to help participants achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle.
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The Walk of Faith health retreat center in Hawaii closed at the end of 2009. Programs are now conducted throughout the nation in the form of 10-week series at churches and community centers, as well as other in-house seminars and workshops.
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